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Mold Testing

No Water, No Mold. It's as simple as that. If mold colonization develops within a structure it is typically due to excessive water intrusion or elevated humidity levels. There are no regulations regarding mold in the state of California, so it is important to hire a consulting firm experience in dealing with water intrusion and mold-related concerns. The purpose of a mold assessment is to ultimately mitigate potential health risk. Just because there is visible mold growth or water intrusion from a leak or rain does not necessarily mean there is a mold problem. Hiring an independent mold consultant can help you and your family determine whether there is anything to worry about, or plan for the proper steps to fix this issue.


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When you should consider a mold assessment:

  • If you visually see abnormal organic growth on building materials or items

  • A leak or flood that has NOT been dried out within a few days​

  • Experiencing musty odors​

  • Purchasing or Selling a new home​

  • Disturbance of potentially contaminated materials

  • Health concerns such as experiencing allergy-like symptom

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a mineral well documented as a proven carcinogen widely used throughout the United States, and the rest of the world. Exposure can cause lung disease. You can Google "Asbestos" and find more information about this material than can be transcribed on this site. With that being said, understand that it is a HEAVILY regulated material in the Southern California region. Reports must be signed by a state certified asbestos consultant, so hiring the right consultant is pertinent to remaining in compliance and protecting the health and safety of the public and workers. Very few asbestos products are banned and are still being shipped and manufactured today all over the world.


Why Should I Test for Asbestos?

  • If you are planning to renovate or demolish

  • Materials that have not been tested were disturbed

  • Prior to repair or maintenance that may disturb suspect materials, including mold remediation.

Lead Paint Testing

Disturbance of lead based paint can create tremendous risk to you or your children. Houses built prior to 1978 are considered to be "Target Housing" as defined by the EPA. Paint chips and dust are the main concern when it comes to lead based paint. Children are at higher risk due their biological development and enhanced absorption of lead within the body. Children are also innocently exposed to lead due to the natural activities of putting hand and items within their mouths and playing on the ground and soil where lead can be present.


  • Prior to renovation, repair, or painting prep of painted surfaces such as as sanding, etc.

  • Visually observe peeling paint or paint chips

  • Purchasing a new home

  • Prior to mold remediation

When to Perform Tests for Lead:


  • Lead based materials have been disturbed

  • Excessive dust observed, or paint chips

  • Child has elevated blood lead level

  • Concerns for soil around home or play areas

  • Visually observe peeling paint or paint chips 

  • Old pipes, fixtures (water sampling)

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